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Chef Alessandro Falchi

Graduated in literature and specialized in history, he entered the kitchen in 2014 led by the best Sardinian chefs with whom, after a short time, he immediately began his promising career in the best restaurants and resorts in southern Sardinia.

Through numerous work experiences in hotels and restaurants, he forges his idea of cuisine, mainly linked to the territory and its history.
His most identifying and recognizable dishes belong to the category of first courses, for which attention to detail is of primary importance.

Originally from Oristano, he has brought the Sardinian culinary tradition and culture even beyond the Italian borders. Multifaceted and always looking for new inspirations, in 2016 he was in Belarus to represent Sardinia in the "First week of Italian cuisine in the world" event, presenting an idea of cuisine linked to the concept of longevity on the island and its relationship with food.

His idea and his dream coincide: to make you savor an experience to remember, something that tells about our land and its scents.

Chef Alessandro Falchi is supported by two sous-chefs: Federico Fosci from Cagliari (born in 1995, graduated as a professional cook at the International School of Italian Cuisine (ALMA) founded in 2004 by Gualtiero Marchesi) and Riccardo Porru.
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We have formed a young and close-knit team coordinated by the maitre of the room Monica Piu who, thanks to her ten-year experience, will meticulously take care of the setting up of the room, welcoming you in a cordial and refined atmosphere.